What are the range of Services of Helios Offshore?

We strive to provide all kinds of Diving and Subsea Equipment on rental and supply basis. Please see our services section to check out our range of Services

What if we need anything other than these?

Please feel free to email us. We will reply promptly.

What levels of compliances does Helios strive for?

We strive to ensure that our Equipment complies with IMCA guidance documents and IOGP RP468. However, clients may have unique and smaller requirements  and the scope of supply may not always allow full compliance due to such limited scope of supplies. We hower always ensure that all equipment provided have failsafe safeties built in for the users. 

Do we have branches outside India?

We dont have any direct branches outside India, but we have strong partnerships with Supplier Companies and can cater to the industry needs within the Middle-East promptly.